Monday, November 16, 2009

Appreciations From Head of School

November 11, 2009

A blue-haired Coraline, one piece of gum under a shoe, an anarchist vampire, a Hershey Kiss, a blind bat, a blue Power Ranger, and a Unicef box may on an ordinary day have nothing at all in common. But this was no ordinary day ...

On October 31 of this year they joined their witch, ghost, fairy, scary brethren, for the single shared purpose of raising money for Archway School. By the time it was over, our motley parade had collectively walked more than 650 miles and raised well over $20,000—an exceptional accomplishment (even by Power Ranger standards)!
Ninety five percent of our students participated alongside teachers, parents, dogs, and a handful of nostalgic alumni. Thanks to the exuberant David Dawson and his crew—Stacy Hoffman, Shareen Leland, Francis Kaplan, and countless other costumed parents and helpers—laps were counted, stations manned, faces painted, treats distributed, and pledges tallied. Lunchtime entertainment provided by the upper school band, popcorn, and sno-cone treats kept energies and spirits up.

I am so proud of our students and grateful to their parents for once again taking a traditional Archway School event and raising the bar. Special thanks and considerable admiration are owed by all of us to our tireless 2009 Walkathon Committee. To all of you who sponsored students in their efforts and made donations and gifts, we are so thankful for your support of them and of Archway. And, finally, to David Dawson, a debt of gratitude from all for knowing exactly how to put the fun in fundraiser.

Sarah Flowers

Head of School

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